Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vanna's Legwarmers

I finished it! About time since the deadline for the Vanna White yarn project contest is February 1st. Luckily I was able to submit my legwarmer design by photo electronically. Technically, I have until February 1st, so I can work the other leg up to double-check my pattern. Once I know the pattern is without error, I'll post it here for anyone who would like to make it. My daughter has already claimed these so it definitely got the teenager approval.

Although I don't think you can see it clearly in the photo, what I really like about this legwarmer is that it flairs out at the foot with picot edging. I just think that's so pretty. I actually want to rework this design to move the large Fair Isle patternwork lower on the leg. Because the stitches tend to be tighter, I think having it placed right at the fullest part of the calve isn't such a great idea. If I lower it down the leg, then it won't pull so much at the buttons around the calve because the other patterns have so much more give to them.

Oh well, as a budding designer I realize that I still have oodles to learn, but I love to have something to inspire me (such as a contest) to get the creative juices flowing.

OTN: (1) The other legwarmer (of course), (2) 2nd sock, (3) short-sleeved sweater, (4) Ms. Beasley wristwarmers, (5) Beaded shawl..... and yes, I do want to start a new project!


Ghost said...

These are so different and so nice., Great job.

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

OMG KAYLEEN!!! I LOVE those leg warmers. Didn't think those were being made anymore by large companies or small individuals. I have diabetes & hypothyroidism and my legs are always cold,so are my upper arms. I wear socks but they don't come up my legs. These are stunning! You do beautiful work.
Looking forward to seeing some of your greeting card creations now too! See you in the Card_Crafts Group.
TX Betty

Sandra said...

Very nice leg warmers! =)